put2gether pick: heavenly heelz

You are in a hurry. Your arms are full. You have a long walk. You’re probably running late. So there you are, moving as quickly as you can across the parking lot, when you find yourself stepping right out of your shoe. Literally right out. And then sometimes right into a puddle.

I had almost given up on my gorgeous but strapless heels. Somehow, my heel always manages to slip out of its resting place and usually lands on the outside of the shoe, completely collapsing the walls of my heels. This is, of course, equally as painful.

I’ve tried different fixes – including masking tape, duct tape and double-stick tape believe it or not – to no avail, so I sadly shelved those lovely stilettos. That was until now.

A colleague at work just introduced to¬†Heavenly Heelz and I’m back in shoe heaven! I slipped them into the back of my heels and not only did they stay in place, they actually held my heel stay firmly in place as well! So tomorrow, I will be boldly opening that closet door and pulling out my favorite slippery strapless numbers and giving them a second chance to live out their well-heeled destiny. Thank you, Foot Petals, for salvaging my stilettos!


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