The Lookbook

Today, I was ready for June Gloom to be over. I was so glad to see a beautiful day dawning, so I instantly grabbed for my Century 21 $19.99 and yet-unworn purchase – a light blue tank with a asymmetrical front ruffle. Since I was office and not beach-bound, I threw on a tailored black blazer – collar up – and cinched it off with my new fave belt. I pulled out the wide-legged pants from my white suit and paired with strappy black heels. Accessories: an enamel bracelet, pearl earrings from my husband and a dainty moonstone necklace we found in Italy.
July 12 2010 Outfit

July 12, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . The Lookbook.


  1. mywallststyle replied:

    I love the darker top and light bottom look! I do it at least 3 time a week. Smart of you to pair a belt with the blazer – is the blazer soft material? I write a blog about what women that work “on wall street” wear. Check it out – would love your feedback!

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