Fashion Files: The Case of the Pretty Podium Girls

It’s Tour de France in my house. We’ve recorded the race and each night, my husband and I watch a stage together. Like the majority of the people tuning in, my husband is focused on the race itself and how the participants employ different strategies to rise to the top of this grueling multi-day event. My focus? Well, of course, it’s on the Podium Girls.

A fixture at the Tour de France prize-giving ceremonies, the Podium Girls, or Hostesses as they are also called, are these beautiful young women who help honor the winner at each stage. But what I find so utterly fascinating are the outfits that the Hostesses don. I mean, there was Fabian Cancellara, being recognized for his tremendous efforts in conquering the first stage, all I could ask is “what are those girls wearing?”

Stage 1 Winner Fabian Cancellara

Each outfit is tied back to the sponsor’s colors, so on this day, the Podium Girls mirrored Powerbar in black jumpsuits with yellow detail in the form of a belt and headband. Hmmm. Now when I think of Powerbar, I think of strong, athletic and super-fueled, so how about a sleek black Prada track suit, with yellow Puma sneakers? The headband could stay, but let’s skinny it up.

But then, the outfits came decidedly more demure as they moved to the jersey-presenting ceremony, with Fabian was joined by two Hostesses in tailored pale yellow sheaths. Very lovely. Particularly love the swept-up do with a boat-neck dress.

Stage 1 Yellow Jersey presentation

In addition to the yellow jersey for the stage winner, there are other recognitions, such as the green jersey for the best sprinter. Now these outfits remind me of a gal in the Orbit gum commercial, with the long neckerchief.

Alessandro Pettachi

This green is such a fun color, I would have loved to have seen them in a green and white Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress like this one.

Diane Von Furstenberg

In between, there have been various suits, dresses and outfits in yellow, black and green, but so far, none has been more captivating – and sometimes more distracting – than the dresses worn when the best climber is recognized. In this category, the rider receives a red polka-dotted jersey , so the ensuing ensembles have been pure spectacle. Here’s my funniest fave:

Now, Carrefour is a European supermarket chain, so I’m not really sure why the skirts resemble umbrellas, but they do feel like something Carrie Bradshaw might have worn in the 80s, albeit with a better fitting top. Just think what Kate Spade could do with this category!  I love this sheath dress – just needs to be in red.

Kate Spade

So carry on Tour de France! I can’t wait to see what your lovely Podium Girls showcase next!


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