How to: Get Booted

For July 4th weekend, we headed to Mammoth for one last ski of the season (yes, I did say ski!). Après-slopes today, my friend and I hit the town to take advantage of the summer ski sales. On the list? A new pair of ski boots. Now I know that this is a fashion blog, but hey, boots are boots!

Nordica ski boots

Though we didn’t find a match, we did walk away with some great boot shopping tips thanks to a super knowledgable sales guy at Footloose (one of the best ski shops in Mammoth). Here’s what we learned;

  • Size It Up. Always get your foot measured. It helps the sales staff see the shape of your foot, which will enable them to find the beat fit.
  • Flip Out. Before you try it on, turn it over. The “sole” of the boot should match your foot’s shape. Narrow foot? The sole should be narrow too.
  • Line It Up. Ready to try it on? Not quite yet. Pull that liner out first. Your foot should have about an inch of breathing room between your heel and the back of the boot.
  • Time to Try. With the liner back in, slip that tootsie in. The boot should conform to your foot. Too tight is not right – just like with all shoes – but the boot should be quite snug. Too loose and you won’t have the stability you need to get you safely down the hill.

And my tip for ski boot shopping? Buy in July. $800 pairs were going for $250. Now if I could only find a Louboutin sale like that one.


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