Fashion Files: NYC Summer Review

In New York City this past week, I couldn’t wait to see what was going on in East Coast fashion. Since I was heading to New York, I knew I’d be seeing the latest take on black. But since the weather was calling for hot and humid, I was excited to see what New York City ladies were trotting out for the summer. And I was not disappointed.  Here are my fave looks from the streets of the Big Apple:

Gorgeous Gamine: Black pencil skirt, accompanied by black kitten set the foundation of this outfit, with a beige short-sleeved long cardigan over a black tank. But what really caught my eye with the artfully-worn belt. The beige and black braided belt was slung low on the hip, just at the bottom of the cardigan, allowing the sweater to tumble over just a bit. A fun take on the belted cardie. Worn with pony-tailed hair, this gal looked young and fresh, but still professional.

Fit to be Tied: Again, black pants set the foundation, with black stack high heels to give some swing at the leg. Tying it together? A blouson top in cobalt blue. The “It” color of the summer, blue in blouson looks even more fabulous. A tied-at-the-top blouson blouse works beautifully with a suit by day and just requires the whisking off of the jacket to be ready for cocktails. Or upgrade the night-time  glam by keeping a pair of strappy metallic heels at work.

Flirty Skirty: My final fave eschewed black all-together. A beige linen shirt, complete with front pockets and rolled up at the sleeves, tucked in a darker beige A-line skirt, fraught with pleats and a paper-bag waist. Loved it! What could have looked messy looked absolutely cool and confident, paired with dark brown leather wedges. The paper-bag waisted skirt can be a great look on any shape. Similar to the wrap dress, it helps to create a waist when worn tailored and not tight. I also love a paper-bag waisted skirt with a skinny tank and matching blazer.

And since it was NYC, I had to make a stop at Century 21. Talk about designers duds at discount prices – oh my, it’s like a candy store.

Century 21

Of course, I broke my grandmother’s own rules of stepping into a mass discounter without a plan, so I have to admit, the scene was overwhelming at first. Four floors chalk full of clothing, accessories, shoes and tourists. After getting jostled at the wallet counter as I attempted to look at some L.A.M.B. travel portfolios, I moved my way up to the third floor, hesitating at the precipice as I steeled myself, and then dove in with the rest of the herd. Here is my haul:

  • Ice blue/gray tank with ruffle detail trailing down just askew of the middle ($24). Some ways to wear? Under a black suit, or paired with white pants and a black belt at the waist.
  • Batwing, short-sleeved, lightweight black cardigan ($25). For looks, I’m thinking with white tank and pants, or draped over a fitted zebra print dress, black belt worn underneath. And of course, I’m definitely pairing with the blue/gray tank at some point.
  • Beige and brown striped tank maxi dress by Michael Kors ($50). I can pair with just flip flops for the beach, a wide brown belt for lunch, a cropped white jacket for cool summer nights.  Or with my new black cardie, natch.

Have any new haul to share?


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