How to: Flatter Your Figure (Part II – Apple Shape)

In Part II of Flattering Your Figure, reader Barbara asked put2gether to discuss trimming tips for those with an apple shape. Our Apple friends tend to have great arms, legs and shoulders, paired with fuller mid-sections and busts, so like all figures, it’s all about making those great assets a focal point in your everyday dress.

When approaching tops, Apple Gals should accentuate their great bustline and minimize the focus on their waistline by keeping 4 F’s in mind – fit, fabric, flowing and fun.

  • Be Supportive. Before buying any new tops, get some support – from a great bra! Every woman – no matter what shape – should get a professional bra fitting to make sure you are wearing the right size. For the Apples, the right fit is extremely important because it provides the foundation for showcasing your decollatege through great necklines.
  • Go With the Flow. Next step when shopping – look for fabrics that flatter. For Apples, it’s all about fabrics that skim rather than cling. Look for fabrics that float over the body, like silks, cottons and light denims, and do not conform, like jersey.  If you like turtlenecks, throw them under a similar-colored blazer to slim your lines.
  • Straight and Narrow. Found your fabrics? Now let’s get to tailoring! Since you are going for body skimming to create a look that is slimming, avoid tailoring that looks tied up. Say no to ruching, which induces fabric stretch, and shapes like empire waists, which just accentuate the stomach area rather than skinny it. Instead you are looking for clean, straight lines in all tops. A great Apple option – a tunic! With their sturdy material, straight lines and a bit of length, the tunic is incredibly flattering on Apples.
  • Here’s the Scoop. Now it’s time to inject a little fun!  First, start with a great neckline. Apples have lots of choices – v-neck, boat neck, scoop – you name it. It’s all about drawing the eye upward. Or adding something fun at the neck or embellishment across the neckline also keeps the focus up.   “Attention to detail around the neck area elongates the neck,” writes Suze Yalof Schwartz of Glamour magazine.
  • It’s a Wrap. Another great top option is the wrap.  The plunging necklace and tie-off style help to create a waist in a very figure-flattering way. Again, remember to get a flowing versus form-fitting fabric and think solid colors or small patterns. And when you go for the wrap dress version, the length should be just above the knee to showcase your superior stems!

When approaching bottoms, Apples want to think about balance – using pieces to balance their shape through pants while using pieces to enhance their shape through skirts.

  • Flat is Where It’s At. Flat-front pants and skirts are a must for Apples. They provide a great base layer and help slim the overall look.  Remember to stay away from pants with pleating or definition at the waist – they will add extra bulk at the midline. Instead, opt for straight lines like your tops. Invest in a great pair of tailored black pants with wide cuffs – they make a great staple for Apples.
  • Waist Not, Want Not. When buying pants, go for a higher rise and a more generous cut. The cut will balance your overall shape and will provide a great focal point for the eye if you wear darker colors.    
  • Don’t Skirt the Issue. As I said before, our Apple friends have great legs, so get them out there! Flat front, A-line skirts are great on Apples. You’ll want to go for a mid-length, so just above the knee – any higher and you will begin to look top-heavy. Also, steer clear of really long skirts that cover up those legs – you will get the opposite effect in terms of proportion.   

And one more Apple tip: go for single color notes. A single color palette gives you the look of length versus width. So anchor your look in one color, but liven it up through a fun necklace or bold shoes.

What figure type would you like us to cover next?


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  1. Miss Kitty Plum replied:

    I whole heartedly agree about the suggestion to get a good bra. I would always recommend to get a fitting as it can make such a huge difference!

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