How To: Travel Fashionably

Okay, here’s the scene. You are getting ready for a trip and you are either planfully packing away or you are last-minute throwing pieces in your bag. You’ve got all of the essentials covered – boarding pass printed, toiletries in their clear-plastic bag, enough clothing to last the duration of the trip – and you are now trying to shove it all in so you can zip up the bag. Then, with a great sigh of contentment after conquering the luggage, you take a seat on bed and proceed to pull on your old jeans and favorite hooded sweatshirt for your plane trip. It’s all about comfort, right? Well, you can still be comfortable and look stylish mid-flight, so today we’re going to cover looking fashionable while flying.

  • Climate Change. Airplanes offer a wide variety of temperatures throughout the duration of the trip, so since you can’t control the overall climate, control your immediate environment. I always dress in layers to address this issue.
  • Make It Uniform. Start with a neutral base so you can layer up and down, and still look pulled together. I usually go with a black turtleneck and stretchy black pants (think Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina), which are not only great foundational pieces, but can also withstand any unwanted stains from spills, such as the toppling over of drinks in turbulence.
  • A Little Luxe. Once you have your foundational base, add a top in a luxurious cashmere. You’ll have the warmth of that sweatshirt, but will look remarkably more sophisticated as you stroll up the aisle to procure more peanuts. My favorites include an eco-cashmere long cardigan from Garnet Hill and a tofu cashmere sweater coat (yes, you read that right – tofu cashmere) from Knitwit. Find cashmere itchy? Just a wear a long-sleeved top underneath to keep the itchies at bay.
  • It’s a Wrap. No matter what you are wearing, a great wrap will amp up your fashion quotient. Pashminas are fine options, but I prefer a thicker cashmere shawl to double as a blanket. I got a great Ann Taylor shawl from my grandmother Ruthie several years ago that can wrap around my shoulders and still has a enough length to keep the legs toasty. And if I’m flying into a cooler locale, I’ll just flip that shawl into a scarf at the end of the trip to create a whole new look for post-plane.
  • Pedi Cure. Since traveling often involves lots of walking and standing, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. But again, think tailored and not track club. I love the Coach Dannie flats, with their rubber soles and superb support, or a fun pair of sneakers (pack those running shoes in your carry-on). And don’t forget to go slip-ons so you can cruise through security.
  • Not So Shady. If you are like me, you can’t sleep on a plane. So the longer the flight, the bigger the bags beneath my eyes. Simple solution? Sunglasses. Go for lightly tinted or color-graduated lens for indoor use.
  • Smart Shopper. Your ultimate travel accessory is the big bag, preferably in a substantial material such as leather so it can weather the rigors of a flight – being shoved under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin. Not only are big bags very fashionable, they are also incredibly practical. How else are you going to haul around all of this good stuff?

What’s your favorite travel look?


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  1. Angela @ A Healthy Fit replied:

    Hey! I’m stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Great tips and very timely as I’m travelling on Wednesday!!

    • put2gether replied:

      thanks, Lady blogger sistah! glad the tips came in handy 🙂

  2. Kendra replied:

    Thanks for stopping by Key Lime Blog Designs and becoming a blogfrog follower!

    • put2gether replied:

      hi Kendra – looking forward to checking out your site – need some tips for sure!

  3. Angelia replied:

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by Amelioration! I love your travel tips! I’m getting ready for a vacation next month and these will come in handy!

    • put2gether replied:

      thanks Angelia – can’t wait for your next foodie installment

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