Wardrobe Staple: Sneakers

In honor of Marathon Monday – the annual running of the Boston Marathon each Patriots’ Day – I thought I’d cover a favorite wardrobe staple – the sneaker. An item that can be – and should be – found in virtually everyone’s closet, the sneaker gives your feet the kind of support they need, whether you’re working out, working in the garden or just working on a stroll.

Similar to jeans, sneakers are very much about the fit. Every foot is different, so take time in choosing the one that is right for you. Here are some great tips on selecting the right sneaker from Debra Peterson.

But don’t relegate that sneaker to fitness fashion only. The sneaker can also be a fun accessory that is very fashion forward. Leave those running shoes in the house and give these trendy takes a try.

  • Casual Company. Think Keds slip-ons in bright colors for going casual when you are keeping company. The slip-on shape adds a bit of style to the sneaker.


  • Less Lace. Just because they are sneakers, don’t think you need to lace them up. Try a pair of Mary Jane style in black leather, such as these Merrells, to snazz up the sneaker situation.


  • Comfortable Casual. Think Converse All-Stars in a low-rise. Great with a pair of ankle-grazing jeans. Go classic Americana in red, white or blue, or mix it up. My favorite pair are chocolate brown with pink detail.

Converse All-Stars

  • Sneak Up. Just because it’s a sneaker, doesn’t mean it can’t have a heel! You can glam up a sneaker by adding a bit of height and some fun fabrics. I love this Lacoste sneaker in grey and white – a perfect summer accessory.

Lacoste Skimmers

  • Give Support, Get Support: Here’s a fun idea for your wedding. Not up for a day on high heels? If the dress is long, no one will know that you have a soft pair of sneakers underneath! Try a pair of Toms. For every pair you buy, Toms donates a pair to a needy child. They make every color – even silver and gold glitter. Pretty much win-win!


And one more tip: keep a pair of sneakers in the car. Whether it’s finding a spare half-hour at work to get in a walk or supporting your tootsies after a long day on jaw-dropping heels, sneakers are your feet’s best friends.

For more on the famous footwear, check out Boston Magazine – they  did a great piece on the history of the sneaker.


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