How To: Pull Together a Last-Minute Holiday Outfit

Tell me if you’ve heard this story before. It’s a holiday weekend. You’ve got big plans, including brunch with the family and stops at the homes of three friends. The casserole is cooking as you throw together a salad and wrap up a hostess gift. You have two children, whom you are trying desperately to keep out of the backyard garden so their outfits will stay clean. And there might even be an errant dog running around with your husband’s sock. And despite this scene, you still need to get yourself dressed and you had no time to get something new!

Just in case this is your situation this Easter weekend, here are a few thoughts to help you find something great in your closet so you can get back to that dish in the oven.

Not slacking. Pull out your favorite pair of white pants. White and black are really big for the Spring, so pair those pants with black tank or flowy black blouse, a graphic white necklace, and a pop of color at the foot with some strappy sandals or low heels. Going to a casual affair? Get out your favorite beach cover-up tunic, add those white pants and sling a metallic chain belt or skinny black braided belt around your waist to go from beach to beautiful!

Double duty. A colorful twin-set is always a great foundational piece for meal with the family. Formal brunch? How about your twinnie atop a khaki or black pencil skirt, with black kitten heels and pearls to complete the classic look. Potluck at your mother’s house? Go for khaki or black on the bottom again, but this time anchor your twin-set with cropped pants, ballet flats and some clunky, clear jewelry at the neck and wrist.

Suitable. Have any simple sheaths from work? Pull out the dress part of your favorite suit and leave that jacket at home. Dress it up with a boxy blazer in a contrasting color, or a colorful, fitted and long cardigan, belted at the waist. Or go it alone with a statement necklace and some metallic heels.

Trailblazer. Have a closet full of work blazers? Try pairing with an A-line skirt. The fullness of the skirt helps soften the work look of the blazer. Try a black or dark blazer with a printed A-line or white skirt, with a red belt around the blazer and matching red kitten heels.

Okay, dish in hand, children in tow and smile in place, you are off! Best wishes for a happy Easter with your family.

What’s your favorite clutch outfit for those last-minute events?


April 3, 2010. How To.

One Comment

  1. Linda replied:

    Brought back wonderful memories…reminded me that women often think of themselves last.Great tips.

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