Runway to Your Way: Khaki!

Growing up in New England, there were a few things you learned at an early age when it came to fashion:

  1. The turtleneck is its own clothing category
  2. You must own at least one piece of clothing with the logo of a Boston sports team or face excommunication from the state
  3. Beige, navy, black and white made up a complete color palette

I fully embraced Rule #3, growing up with a closet full of great tans, blacks and white. And while I now boast a closet full of color, I still love the refinement of a classic navy, the sharpness of an inky black, and the impact of a crisp white.

And I still love beige as foundational element of my closet, which is why I’m so happy that khaki is making a comeback this spring. The trend is one part military, one part safari. Think adventurous Saharan desert crossing, but your khaki shirt is smartly turned out and your matching khaki pants never see a wrinkle.

Because we don’t often have the opportunity to go on safari during our everyday outings, here are a few suggestions for incorporating beiges and neutrals into your daily line-up that go beyond the standard khaki pants.

Lined Up. Kill two birds with one stone by marrying up two great spring trends – horizontal stripes and beige. Pair with dark wash jeans and slouchy cardigan, or dress up with a black boyfriend blazer and colorful heels.

7trends t-shirt

Get a Leg Up. A great accessory to wear when you want to stand out because nothing lengthens a leg like a nude heel.  A must-have for every woman’s closet.

Nine West

All Buttoned Up. Here’s another opportunity to tie trends together. The shirtdress has been beckoned out of the kitchen and onto the runway. Utilitarian yet stylish, a beige shirtdress is a perfect run-around outfit with colorful flats or brown gladiator sandals, or punched up with a wide, colorful belt and some patterned hose.

Forever 21

Roundabout. Give that blazer a rest and wrap up those shoulders with a cropped jacket. Look for a more A-line shaped style to recycle the look of your favorite sleeveless black dress, or pair with a long navy striped jersey plus jeans for a more casual vibe.

Armand Basi jacket

Up and Out. Going out for the evening? Don’t leave that beige forlorn in your closet. Invite your khaki out to cocktails with a grecian-inspired dress. Looks great on tanned or dark skin. Pair with some great black pearls, beads or semi-precious stones, matching strappy heels and a shiny black clutch. No boring beige here!


And don’t forget those great khaki pants hiding in your closet. Want a new way to wear them? How about….

  • Roll up at the cuffs and pair with flip flops or sandals, your favorite tee or tank, and a boyfriend cardigan for a cozy coffee
  • Pair with a white ruffled shirt, a black leather jacket and printed scarf for a quick bite with friends
  • Top with a black belted trench, neutral bracelets and black kitten heels for a casual movie date

What’s your favorite?


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  1. Barbara replied:

    Hi Stephanie..Your web site is great and am really enjoying it. This is Ruthie’s next door neighbor, Barbara and am wondering if you can describe a boyfriend sweater. I’ve seen them on lots of web sites but don’t know what they look like. For a visual concept of fashion, you’ve done a great job qdescribing the images. thanks so much. One of the hardest things to do is purchase something from a web site that gives terrible descriptions but with your tips, one would be able to go to a web site and know exactly what to buy. Great job! Thanks…Barbara

  2. put2gether replied:

    hi Barbara! So glad that you like the blog – it has been so fun to write! A boyfriend sweater is essentially a bigger, more baggy sweater. It still has a feminine shape, but it will come past your hips and have a bit of a slouchy feel to it. They are usually best worn as a cardigan and not buttoned, over a fitted shirt. Let me know if I can answer anything else!

  3. Stephanie Worrell replied:

    Love the jacket! You are doing a great job with blog!

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