Wardrobe Staple: Wrap Dress

Every woman should own a wrap dress. Strike that. Every woman should own two wrap dresses – one black and one in your favorite color or print. Wrap dresses look great on all women, no matter what size, shape or height. And a black wrap dress is the ultimate – it can basically be worn to any type of event, so it’s a perfect go-to in a pinch.  Today we’re going to share different ways to wear your wrap dress so you can really maximize the newest permanent resident in your closet.

Let’s start with the black wrap dress. We all know that black is the one color that makes everyone look great, so when you pair the color black with the cut of a wrap dress, you have the ultimate win-win look. The black wrap dress can be utterly elegant, smart and chic, or decidedly demure, all depending how you wear it.

  • Cocktail attire required? Dress up our black wrap dress with a string or stack of pearls, delicate precious metals at the wrist and some strappy black heels.
  • Wedding shower? Try your black wrap dress with some fun colors at the neckline, like a beaded necklace that matches the V of the wrap dress or layered semi-precious stones, with kitten heels.
  • Just a Wednesday at work? Wrap a colorful cardigan and metallic belt around the waist and pair with black closed-toe pumps, or ditch the sweater, roll up the sleeves, and add a colorful belt.

Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress

Tracy Reese cardigan

put2gether Pick: Since the black wrap dress provides such a great canvas for accessories, my current fave way-to-wear is with my cross on a 30 inch chain. The length of the chain allows the cross to sit on the black fabric, making the necklace the star and not just a supporting player. Try with your favorite jewel, charm or locket.

In addition to a black wrap dress, I also suggest adding a colorful or print wrap dress to your rotation. Wrap dresses in bold colors and prints can add some fun to not just your wardrobe, but also to your day. Whether is a baby shower, afternoon tea, lunch with the gals or work, a bright and light wrap dress can put a bit more spring to your step.

  • Solid color wrap dresses make a bold statement, so make sure you choose a color that complements your skin tone. I love a solid red long-sleeved wrap dress at Christmas, a white short-sleeved Swiss dot in the summertime, and since blue is the “in” color of the spring, I think I might have to add one in cobalt blue to my closet.
  • Print wrap dresses can be subtle or bold, depending upon the choice of print and the number of colors incorporated. If you want to dip your toe into the print wrap dress pool, go for a print in white and your favorite color. Love color? The wrap dress world is your oyster. You’ll find every color imaginable out there. And sometimes, all mixed together. I recently found a glorious vintage Diane Von Furstenburg at a local consignment shop in black, brown, off-white and electric pink – and because the print is small, it works!

But don’t think that you must always have your colorful or print wrap dress go it alone. Prints in particular look great with some accoutrements.

  • Fundraiser lunch? Try a fitted blazer in one of the colors of your print. Add a belt and some fun patterned tights to keep the look from looking stodgy.
  • Winter at work? Try a short-sleeved wrap sweater over a long-sleeved print for warmth. The short-sleeved sweater gives the outfit a little bit of an eclectic edge. To avoid additional bulk at the waist, tie off the wrap dress in a square knot in the back, rather than a bow in the front.
  • Run-around casual? Just top that wrap dress off with a great jean jacket. Add a statement necklace and pair of ballet flats, and you’re off!

BCBG jacket and wrap dress, Kenneth Cole basket weave belt

Ann Taylor Loft wrap dress, BCBG sweater

Lilly Pulitzer wrap dress, Seduce Jean Jacket

No matter what wrap dress you select, here are a few tips to make the most of your choice:

  • At great lengths. Most wrap dresses come to your knees. Similar to your other dresses and skirts, wear your wrap dress a length that is most flattering on you.
  • Very knotty. Wrap dresses come in variety of belt styles – from full wrap to side tie to faux. Want to whittle the waist? Full wraparound provides the most slimming effect, focusing the eye on the belt bow instead of elsewhere.
  • Get stuck. Most importantly, don’t forget the double-stick tape – it keeps the neckline in place, no matter what!

Email your favorite wrap dress to contactput2gether@yahoo.com and be featured on our Fashion Fan page!


March 29, 2010. Wardrobe Staples.

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  1. Linda replied:

    I always thought wrap dresses looked better on other people.The tips on how to wear them gives me some motivation to try it myself.

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