How To: Fix It!

Thank you to everyone who voted in Tuesday’s poll on what to feature in our How-To series. Most votes went to How to Tie a Scarf, How to Go Day to Night, How to Dress Casually, But Smartly, and How To Fix It, which we’ll cover today. Check back next Saturday for some serious scarf style.

How To: Fix It!

One of my favorite pastimes is sailing. There is nothing better than enjoying a day on the water, gliding through the waves, the wind fresh in your face, the smell of salt in the air. With those who haven’t sailed, it’s similar to that feeling you get when you find the perfect shoe!

As someone who has logged a lot of nautical miles, one of the things that you learn in sailing – most often when you are far, far from shore – it that stuff on boats breaks. A lot. So you get really good at what we call “jury rigging” or making makeshift repairs to help you hobble into port.

Today, we’re going to cover a little fashion jury rigging, including some inexpensive ways to tide over your favorite pieces into you can get them into repair or replaced.

Don’t Sweat It. You buy a beautiful sweater. You treat it with kid gloves, protecting it from moths, laundry mishaps and messy little fingers. But despite your best efforts, you still get pills. Nothing makes a sweater look more old and tired than pilling. So unless you are willing to hold your arms in a T every time you wear your favorite sweater, just add a Sweater Stone to your fashion tool box. With some consistent and careful swipes, you can keep those pills at bay.

Tail-ored: a current way to wear a belt is to cinch it over a jacket or sweater at your waist. I love this look – it dresses up the outfit, adds a twist to a classic suit, and adds a pop of color in a fun, but subtle way. But when I try to use a belt that was originally intended for my hips, the tail of the belt ends up being just too long. What to do? Grab a ponytail holder. Just slip a sturdy ponytail holder (the same color as the belt ) over the belt buckle end, do up your belt and slide the tail inside the holder. Voila! I like Goody Ouchless for reining in both hair and belt.

Black-out: there’s nothing better for concealing a scuff on black leather shoes or boots than a Sharpie. Just whip off the cap and start coloring! Presto – you are de-scuffed in no time.

And other things I try to always have with me?

  • Clear nailpolish – it really does work on nylon runs, plus errant button threads – just add dab to keep those fibers in place!
  • Tide To-Go – cleans up the mess before anyone realizes I spilled chocolate ice cream on myself, again!
  • Double-stick tape  – not only great to help a dress or blouse stay in place, it always can help with a fallen hem in a pinch!

What’s your favorite Fashion Fix-It?


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    I don’t believe I have seen this depicted that way before. You really have made this so much clearer for me. Thanks!

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