Fashion Files: The Case of the Dastardly Denim

I love to put together outfits. I seem to find myself – almost nightly – thinking about new ways to pair my different pieces to get more outfits out of my closet. But I know that it’s not always easy figuring out what to wear, especially to a special event, or for work, or on a first date, etc., so that’s where I’d like to help! Whether it’s a party outfit puzzler, a riddle about ruching or some sleuthing needed on a signature style, I’m on the case!

Let’s begin.

The Case of the Dastardly Denim

Client: Steph – a successful entrepreneur, communications guru, busy mom of two and fellow blogger (OShouldKnow)

The Crime Scene: Blue Jean Ball, benefitting the March of Dimes

The Perp: The event’s theme

The client came to put2gether with a real conundrum, one that has stumped many a woman – what in the blazes does one wear to event where the theme is “Black and Blue?” Haven’t encountered that one yet? It’s a formal affair, popular with the fundraising set, where attendees pair traditional black with blue jeans. And it seems to be a theme that is becoming more popular, to which I certainly raise a eyebrow. I mean, black and blue don’t even match!

So to help our intrepid client conquer her first Black and Blue event – where you not only have to wear black and blue, but dress up your black and blue – I advised her to put together the following outfit:

  • Dark-wash blue jeans. The dark wash makes blue jeans more formal and less farm-style. Choose from skinny or boot cut based on your body shape, but either way, go long to lengthen the leg and complement your footwear
  • Longer cut, tuxedo-style black blazer. A longer cut blazer is more current, giving the outfit a more formal flair. Shorter blazers that women normally wear as part of a suit look great with jeans, but they give a much more casual vibe – like you are ready for a concert or night out on a date. Plus a tuxedo-style ups the style ante even higher
  • Crisp white shirt. Another classic, the crisp white shirt keeps the look refined and regal. Tuck in your shirt and slip on a subtle belt, like a skinny braided style, in black
  • Statement necklace. Add in a great piece of jewelry at the necklace, something big, bold and with just the right dash of sparkle. And it doesn’t need to be expensive! Just make it interesting and something that enhances the overall outfit.
  • Black boots. When in Black and Blue, do as the organizers do – wear those cowboy boots! Complement your black blazer with a fab pair of black cowboy boots, or a fun ankle boot works as well.

Was it successful? Let’s hear from Steph:

“In my line of work, I often have to go to fundraisers and I get totally stressed out about what to wear–especially when they require finding some kind of whacky outfit or in this case–dressing up for a formal Cowboy event.  Is that even possible?  Stephanie had told me about her new fashion blog idea the week before, so instead of panicking, I picked up the phone and asked for her advice.  She was amazing.  She not only told me what EXACTLY to wear, but was able to include things that I already had in my closet.  I’ve never had so many compliments as I did that night. . .and, I was wearing black and blue!”

Excellent! Case closed.

Have a fashion caper that needs to be solved? Ask put2gether to put you together!


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