Trend Deciphering

There is nothing better than coming home to find that the March issues of my favorite fashion magazines have finally arrived. Filled with all of the new spring style, the mags brim out of my mailbox, boasting several hundred pages worth of new looks and trends for the season. 
Absolute eye candy.

But while these pieces may look great on the pages, it’s not always easy to determine how they will look great on you. Have you ever wondered “now, how exactly am I supposed to where that?” Well, welcome to my new feature – Runway to Your Way. Every week, we’ll look at a different trend and decipher how to wear it in the real world.

When approaching new trends, remember just that – they are trends. Some will come, some will go. Just because it’s au courant doesn’t mean that you need to incorporate every trend into your wardrobe. Always start with the colors that look great on you and add in trends that make you feel good.

Let’s start with one of my favorite trends of the season – clear accessories. This one complements everyone! Clear touches can add something new to your outfit, plus since they are accessories, you don’t need to break the bank to be in style. Here are some options:

Clearly Linked: chunky clear shapes at the neckline can add some edge to business attire.

Light Weight: a clear, thick cuff looks great with three-square length sleeve  (pictured, Michael Kors cuff)

See Through: how about transparent frames for your shades? Two-toned lens are also hot this season

De-Disco-ify: Lucite heels. Yes, they are back, but this time without the goldfish. Just need a polished toe for this trend.

Next Up: This weekend, our How-To series will cover How To Navigate Mass Discounters.


March 19, 2010. Runway to Your Way.

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