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I’m so excited to introduce my new homepage – with my own URL and all! Thanks to Sarah at Abundant Media for her amazing design – I feel even more put together today because of it!

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Runway to Your Way: A White Shirt – 9 Ways

One of my favorite online spots for great ideas is Shopbop. Not only do they carry great lines but they also pull together great looks to showcase these pieces in action, separated by different themes and storylines. So when I was that the feature of the week was a white shirt 8 ways, I was in.

They asked four different stylists to come up with two different looks that used a classic white tunic as the base. Now, you know that I love a crisp white shirt, so I thought I’d share a look I’d create using that fab white shirt.

First, the shirt. A BB Dakota tunic at $80. I love the classic sleeveless look with the straight hem – very polished – and the versatility of its length – wear it in, wear it out, lots of options.

BB Dakota Tunic

Next, off to one of my other favorite resources, Polyvore, to scout out some items to wear with the white shirt. But since I love a bargain, I had to do a quick search for other options. Found two great alternatives – a DKNY for $63 or a RVCA Tribeca for $44 – both available at lovely Zappos.


RVCA Tribeca

And guess what, lo and behold I had a white tunic by LA Made in my closet that I purchased at the magical price of $24.99 from TJ Maxx. You never know what’s lurking in your wardrobe already! And it has a cowl neck – very cute, indeed.

My look?

The new Gap 1969 jean leggings underneath with an oldie – my Allison Taylor beige cotton cropped jacket – nestled under the cowl. Paired with bejeweled Nine West sandals and my fave Kaenon sunglasses (amazing sunglasses, my friend owns the company).

What would you pair with your tunic?

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How To: Select Some Shorts

Having spent my formative years in the 80s, I tend to be drawn to anything that boasts an alligator, polo horse or Nantucket Red. Tretorns? Had them. Benetton rugby shirt? Check. Polo shirts with the collars up? Yep. I even wore two at a time. In the summer. The New England summer. The hot, humid New England summer. All of which culminated in one of the proudest moments in my life – when I was voted “Preppiest” in my 8th grade class. Boy, was that awesome!

Well, I still have a healthy dash of preppy in my system, which is why I’m loving shorts this summer. I’ve found so many deliciously preppy shorts – kelly green, baby blue seersucker, soft violet – that I feel like I’ve fallen back in time. But without the Aquanet hairspray, of course.

But picking the right pair of shorts isn’t always easy, especially with so many different lengths from which to choose. So let’s talk shorts shopping!

Flat’s Where It’s At. First, go for flat front shorts. Similar to pants and skirts, pleated shorts added extra bulk to waist area. Flat front shorts are more slimming, and allow you to pair them with shirts tucked in or out. I love these flat-front Old Navy shorts in cobalt blue.

Old Navy shorts

Not Seamless. Shorts come in a variety of inseam lengths, so it’s important to try a variety of different lengths to find the one that looks best on you. Here are a couple rules of thumb:

  • Aim for the hem to end above or below the widest part of your leg to avoid making your thighs look larger than they really are. Since my thigh shape starts wider near my torso and gets narrower by my knee, I go for a 5″ or 7″ inseam.
  • Don’t forget to take a seat while trying on those shorts. Make sure you are comfortable with where the hem lies when you are standing up and sitting down. And that’s why I avoid all 3″ inseams!
  • Very in-tune with my preppy roots, here’s a great pair of Lilly Pulitzer 5″ inseam shorts, in a very fun hot pink.

Lilly Pulitzer shorts

Choice Choice. Shorts come in a myriad of styles, so you have lots of choice when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Bermuda, Board, Cargos, Jean, Culottes, Running, Cut-offs…the list goes on and on.

  • Again, remember the hem when trying different styles. Take into account your entire leg as you try on different styles. Since I have athletic calves (and am proud of them!), I stay away from Bermuda shorts because the hem comes to my knees.
  • My favorite short style – the skort!  You get the flexibility of shorts but with a more refined look, so an easy way to transition from a hike to high tea. I love this LL Bean skort (nothing says preppy like LL Bean) with its little bit of flounce.

LL Bean Skort

What’s your favorite style?

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put2gether pick: heavenly heelz

You are in a hurry. Your arms are full. You have a long walk. You’re probably running late. So there you are, moving as quickly as you can across the parking lot, when you find yourself stepping right out of your shoe. Literally right out. And then sometimes right into a puddle.

I had almost given up on my gorgeous but strapless heels. Somehow, my heel always manages to slip out of its resting place and usually lands on the outside of the shoe, completely collapsing the walls of my heels. This is, of course, equally as painful.

I’ve tried different fixes – including masking tape, duct tape and double-stick tape believe it or not – to no avail, so I sadly shelved those lovely stilettos. That was until now.

A colleague at work just introduced to Heavenly Heelz and I’m back in shoe heaven! I slipped them into the back of my heels and not only did they stay in place, they actually held my heel stay firmly in place as well! So tomorrow, I will be boldly opening that closet door and pulling out my favorite slippery strapless numbers and giving them a second chance to live out their well-heeled destiny. Thank you, Foot Petals, for salvaging my stilettos!

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The Lookbook

Today, I was ready for June Gloom to be over. I was so glad to see a beautiful day dawning, so I instantly grabbed for my Century 21 $19.99 and yet-unworn purchase – a light blue tank with a asymmetrical front ruffle. Since I was office and not beach-bound, I threw on a tailored black blazer – collar up – and cinched it off with my new fave belt. I pulled out the wide-legged pants from my white suit and paired with strappy black heels. Accessories: an enamel bracelet, pearl earrings from my husband and a dainty moonstone necklace we found in Italy.
July 12 2010 Outfit

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